a hit before he disappeared again. Id had a chance, for about.5 seconds, to shoot a running bear with a rifle at about 150 yards  and passed it up because I wasnt confidant in its size. It has achieved this via the organs of state including the fourth estate of the mainstream media that, like Stalin and Animal Farms Comrade Napoleon, arbitrate between correct and incorrect thoughts, words and deeds. So Tommy collected 200,000 signatures for a petition demanding the reinstatement of the soldier. If we do challenge them, we are subjected to their full arsenal of hate words xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, misogynist, a hater or similar and, if were not hauled into court, we are cast into outer political and social darkness. Don stayed behind with the dog. In full scope its an existential crisis about the United Kingdom and its identity, meaning and role in the world. When we saw him we were running straight towards him and he was only about 12 feet away, facing.

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The MCB said Jump: the British Army said How high? The day started at 3:30. We now know where that has led. Tommy has since single-handedly and successfully insisted that we must talk about the Muslim grooming gangs that have brutally raped probably quarter of a million underage girls over the past three or four decades. But he is not divisive; rather he forcefully highlights the divisions that others have created, especially the chasm between the well-heeled politically-correct globalist elite and the rest. This article was first published on 30th November by Kipper Central. The bullet impact knocked the bear back, killing him. I had chased bears all over the mountains off and on for several weeks with my good friend Don, whos a very experienced bear chaser.

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