spend far more time with Danny than with Veronica, meaning that Freeman's role is mostly limited to his voice-overs of Danny's thoughts while in Veronica's body. . You could say I'm a mod, but with a small 'm I don't wear a parka, but I do question what I wear and what I listen to, which is what it's all about.". Some actors want that. I couldnt make it through the first episode. I wish I'd got drunk with him. Discovered by a strange-looking man, he leads them back to the main road. I wasn't in The Beatles. Rembrandt van Rijn in, nightwatching :  I'm not a big fan of "arty" movies, so this isn't one of my favorite Freeman roles. . Freeman has always been massively protective of his private life, until this week when he spoke about the breakdown of his relationship with Amanda Abbington in the most depth of his career in a recent interview with The Financial Times. GQ and other men's magazines should know a lot better - if you love clothes, go for people who love clothes. Mrs Hudson was turned into an ex-stripper who followed her husband around while he ran a drug cartel.

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It was really very boring, very hot and very unglamorous. It was too stupid. Especially for a magazine and a movement that purports to be about great clothes - celebrate people who love clothes, then. On Ricky Gervais: I like that he uses a lot of his voice against animal cruelty, I really admire that. Fargo (the mini-series   Freeman's character makes the journey from hen-pecked nebbish to hapless puppet to successful businessman to cold-blooded manipulator. . But what there is of Veronica in Danny's body is just superb. Yeah, mainly, not only, but mainly fuelled by cocaine. This is a very dark comedy (but not a mean-spirited one - I hate those). But no one is out.

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